Hi, I’m Marlowe Vincent. My Love affairs with Tattoos started back when i was a child & my fascination with my grandfathers WW2 tattoos, and the stories behind them. So with much anticipation on my 18th birthday I got my first tattoo, back when “nice girls” didn’t do things like that! And so with My middle finger waved proudly in the air to social misconception I began my life long journey of adorning my body with beautiful artwork from some of Australia’s best tattoo artists.

I briefly studied fine arts on a scholarship after graduating college, but soon after ran away &  joined a rock band, Much to my parents concern & dismay. I spent the next decade successfully performing, touring & recording before a series of  throat surgeries forced me to retire from my music career. Devastated I packed my bags & headed abroad for some soul searching & found myself at a Tattoo exhibition in California where I had the amazing opportunity of meeting Jeff Gogue(now ranked in top 5 tattooists in the world). He inspired me to follow my love affair with tattoos, art & design.

I soon returned home & immediately picked up a tattoo machine & have since never looked back. I have come full circle back to my Art roots, and have tattooed in LA, Las Vegas and here on the Gold Coast, and now currently working in my own studio here in the Tattoo Alley Broadbeach.

My goal is to make your Tattoo experience as comfortable and as pleasurable as possible. I use the latest technology and equipment, & with a light touch I cater to even the most nervous first timers. I take great pride in my work with a passion for pop art styles, contemporary, anime, portraiture & fine detailed pieces, but I’m happy to tattoo any kind of style with a broad range of design abilities.

Feel free to contact me by the studio number, or peruse my most recent tattoos on my Facebook folio & send me your ideas to my inbox. So come on into my little shop of inky hole pokes in a friendly easy going environment, watch movies & relax while I set about decorating your skin with your tattoo desires.


Located at Tattoo Alley, Broadbeach

Contact: 55380060

Email: or

Instagram:- Marlowelovescandy

Facebook:- Marlowe’s Facebook




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